A journey isn’t a journey without twist and turns………

What is a journey if it doesn’t have some twist bumps and hurdles to overcome! I was officially matched but with a heavy heart and much thought have canceled my match with this couple. Chris and I have made the decision to only pursue domestic matches. The language barrier was just to much for us and made communicating that much harder. I have already been set up to talk to a couple that only lives 3 1/2 hours from me in the Los Angels area. We have a skype call all ready to go for Monday and a lunch date when I go to my medical screening. I felt instantly connected to this couple and Chris and I both are happy with our decision to pursue a match with this couple. They reached out and expressed the eager desire to work with me as their surrogate. I really cannot wait to work with this couple.

I honestly thought that in order to do this I needed to feel disconnected from the family I was helping so no attachment would be formed. This couple is different and they want a close relationship with me and my FAMILY! This is huge its not just me but they want to know my family as well. That was a huge factor for me being ok with having a close relationship. They want picture updates of my pregnancy, birth photos and video(and we all know how much I love birth photography) Listening to my friend Jocelyn tell how she was so connected to her family made me do some real soul searching to figure out exactly what I wanted from this process. I actually made a little list of wants to help and my wonderful husband was on board with every single thing. He told me that he much rather work with someone within the US and I value his honesty because this is something we are both taking a journey through.

  1. Must be domestic( within the US)
  2. Would like a relationship with myself and family
  3. Need to speak English as a primary language

Today I received the word that they want to move forward with me and that I’m what they have been looking for….I’m very excited about this new match and cannot wait to meet them at our lunch date!

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Photographer, Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist searving the Central California area of Visalia/Tulare/Exeter/Fresno/Clovis and more.... Birth in itself is an amazing rite of passage. It is an empowering journey a woman takes into motherhood. I believe that every woman should be able to have the birth they desire whether it be in a hospital at home or in a birth center. As a doula I love to provide education to families so that it enables them to make educated choices when it comes to their labor and delivery.

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    I know you were excited about the first couple, but it sounds like once you listened to your inner wisdom, and your husband, you guys realized there could be a *better* match out there. I have known surrogates who have close relationships with their families, and I have known surrogates who were very removed and didn’t have reason to stay in touch afterwards; I love to see the families become friends and have intertwining stories in the baby’s life.

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