Sadness and disappointment…..but then

Monday morning I had a Skype session all set up for 10am so I could officially “meet” my IP’s. I was so nervous but also excited at the same time. I knew they were amazing people and looked forward to our journey together. I got a text from the agency saying the IP’s needed to reschedule and they would let me know that day what time and date. I didn’t hear back from the agency until this morning and found out the most devastating news for all parties but mostly for the IP’s whom really wanted me as their surrogate. The IVF Dr they were using denied me and I could no longer be their match! I was angry, sad, and just overall emotional over the entire ordeal. I cannot imagine how the parents were feeling. The agency didn’t know why at first that I was denied as I’m very healthy and have had 4 children of my own. Finally after what seemed like forever I got an email saying…..

The IVF Dr does not way the IF(intended father) to have a carrier that has given birth more than 2 times. He confirmed with the agency that there were not medical reasons from my part and it was simple due to the IF’s age and he didn’t want to risk his cycle. When I started this journey I knew that it would going to be emotional and trying at times but I had no idea that even the matching phase would be full of so many ups and downs. I so far love the agency I’m working with and hope that things continue to go well. I have heard some not so great things about them in the surro world that made me a little uneasy.

Later this afternoon I received a profile for and Intended Father who down right seems amazing! I’m waiting to arrange a Skype call with him and hope that he will be my for sure match! The thought of making someone a father that wants children so badly  but hasn’t found the right person yet is just simply amazing. So please say a prayer that this will be the perfect match for both of us!


Until next time,


Photographer, Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist searving the Central California area of Visalia/Tulare/Exeter/Fresno/Clovis and more.... Birth in itself is an amazing rite of passage. It is an empowering journey a woman takes into motherhood. I believe that every woman should be able to have the birth they desire whether it be in a hospital at home or in a birth center. As a doula I love to provide education to families so that it enables them to make educated choices when it comes to their labor and delivery.

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