More bad news….

So the surrogate journey I’ve embarked on has had some major twist and turns. I don’t think I expected it to be like this when I signed up. I knew that normal hick ups would happen but never did I imagine that I would be matched 3 times now and not one of those end up working out. Yesterday I received news that my IF(Intended Father) had canceled the entire process and would no longer be pursuing having a baby through a surrogate. It was unforeseen issues with his fertility and since he wanted biological children he opted not to use a sperm donor. I was devastated for him! I cannot imagine what he is going through. So now here I am back at the beginning looking for a new set of IP’s. My agency doesn’t have any domestic couples right now so I have opted go overseas and work with couples from France. I’m pretty hopefully still that they will find me the perfect match and that this journey will take off full speed with no more ups and downs. My dream would be to carry for a LGBT couple and maybe my next couple will be just that. If you are following my story please say a prayer for me and my next couple that things work out. I will be updating once I am matched again and have more exciting information to share.




Photographer, Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist searving the Central California area of Visalia/Tulare/Exeter/Fresno/Clovis and more.... Birth in itself is an amazing rite of passage. It is an empowering journey a woman takes into motherhood. I believe that every woman should be able to have the birth they desire whether it be in a hospital at home or in a birth center. As a doula I love to provide education to families so that it enables them to make educated choices when it comes to their labor and delivery.

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