More twist and turns….

I realized today that I haven’t updated about my surrogate journey in awhile. The last time I wrote I had been matched with a single man from Canada but that didn’t work out and my heart breaks for him. I was then back listed on the agencies database and available for couples to look at. I had a couple from Spain that showed interest but at the same time another single man from Los Angels was interested. We set up a skype call and talked for around 30 minutes. He seemed wonderful and I was very excited to help him create a family. He wanted to meet in person before making his choice which I had no issues with but then he wanted to meet my husband. Everyone that knows me knows that Chris is hardly home and works out of town on a regular basis. I decided to pass on the intended father because who knows when our schedules would actually be able to let us all 3 meet. A few days later I received an email from the agency regarding a couple from France. They took some time to get back if they wanted to possibly match with me and finally they said yes and the agency set me their profile. I was instantly drawn to help them, we have spoken on skype twice now and both times it has been amazing. We became officially match after that second skype call and my medical records were sent off to their IVF Dr for review. The IVF Dr called me and we spoke briefly Wednesday, he was great! Then yesterday I received a call from his third party consultant asking a few questions pertaining my medical records! She was asking me about procedures I had never even had and I replied via email letting her know that those things in my records were false and that I never had them done. That is when panic mode started!!!!!! I kept thinking to myself oh great now I’m going to be denied by their IVF and the process is going to be over just like that!!! Today as I’m dropping Thayden off at pre-school my phone rings and its the fertility clinic, my heart sank and I became super nervous. The woman at the clinic said with a friendly voice that the Dr wanted to speak with me and that she would be putting him on the line if that was ok. I of course agreed and he asked me questions and took the time to listen to my side of things and made the changes in my chart! I was at that point so relieved that he was actually listening to me and not some stupid records the navy FUCKED up! After I answered all his questions he then said I was still a great candidate and that he would let the couple know and get everything set up and he would see me in Vegas soon! I swear my heart skipped a beat because I was so excited and happy! Now I’m just waiting for his office to call me and set up the date of my medical screening and get all the travel arrangements made :) So yay for moving forward.




Photographer, Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist searving the Central California area of Visalia/Tulare/Exeter/Fresno/Clovis and more.... Birth in itself is an amazing rite of passage. It is an empowering journey a woman takes into motherhood. I believe that every woman should be able to have the birth they desire whether it be in a hospital at home or in a birth center. As a doula I love to provide education to families so that it enables them to make educated choices when it comes to their labor and delivery.

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