August, 2014

Embryo Transfer and more……….

Where do I even start! I swore I would keep this up to date but life seems to get busy and blogging became the last thing on my mind. So much has happened since my last post its crazy! I was matched with an amazing couple from Paris, France whom I met when I flew to Las Vegas for my medical screening and psych evaluation. Thank god those are out of the way and I passed everything with flying colors. My medical screening was quick and afterwards I went to lunch with my intended parents(IP’s). We had the most amazing time talking and just trying to get go know each other. He is a pilot and she a flight attendant. So after the Las Vegas trip came the fun part of legal contracts! I had a over the phone chat with my lawyer and once my IP’s lawyer finished the 51 page contract it was sent to me for review. I only had to make a few changes and hope that my IP’s would accept them. Thankfully they did with no problems and we moved forward in the process. I started talking with the fertility clinic more and then we arranged lots of Dr’s appts and all my meds were overnighted to me!








I will tell you that I was totally freaked out about having to give myself injections! I had Chris give me my first shot of Lupron and since then I have done the rest myself even the progesterone shots with a 22g needle! OUCH! Over the next 2 weeks I had numerous appointments to measure the thickness of my uterine lining. It needs to be above 8mm in order to do an embryo transfer. Thankfully mine was at an 8.8 days before my transfer so we had no issues. My transfer date was set for August 17th! In this photo the uterus is the area that is a darker white circle with a line through the middle. They want to see this as they call it triple line pattern.










Now it was just a waiting game until transfer day! Chris and I were going to Las Vegas for 5 days 1 day for the transfer and 2 of bedrest in a hotel! That was not fun LOL. The morning of the 17th I was so nervous and anxious because I had no clue what to expect! When I finally got called back Dr. D(who is amazing) welcomed me and informed us that my intended mother would be joining us on a video chat system. It was great to see her again and talk to her. I was also so glad she was able to be there and be a part of the transfer. Everything went great and they transferred one amazing quality embryo.(On the photo below you can see 2 white lines the top line is the embryo that was transferred.










I then had to wait for 20 minutes laying flat before leaving the clinic. The 2 days of bed rest wasn’t fun at all but it was for a good purpose! When bed rest was finally over we decided to go see the Hover Dam and walk the Las Vegas strip. Oh and of course we did a little gambling! Now we are back home and waiting for our blood pregnancy test on the 27th! I hope that the days fly by because I’m so excited to find out if my IP’s will finally get to live the dream of having a child.