I strive to help you achieve the birth that you desire.  Being a doula is more to me than a job, its a passion!  I also love to capture the beauty of birth through photography. Birth itself is such an amazing right of passage, I feel it is something that should be remembered as the happiest day of your life.  Why should the joy stop after birth?  Let me help you have a happy postpartum with my placenta encapsulation service as well.


Credentials, Education & Experience

I have finished almost all the requirements for my doula certification though Childbirth International, with the final draft of my essay remaining.

I hold a certification in handling blood borne pathogens to make sure each placenta encapsulation process is clean and sterile.

I have hands on experience in all the services I offer.

My plans for the future are to pressure a career in midwifery. I love 'home birth' and how midwives are hands-off, simply letting the birth unfold like it’s meant to with little to no interventions.  I also plan to start my certification process in 2014 to becoming a breastfeeding educator.

A little about Denise

When I am not busy with birth related things or photography sessions, I am a busy mom of four children.  My children's ages range from two to eight years old.  My daughters are named Isis and Athena, and my sons are named Thayden and Korbin.  They are my world and the light of my life.

I have been married to my soul mate for almost 10 years.  My husband is a huge supporter of my passion and helps keep my drive going in tough times.  He proudly served his country in the US Navy for 6 ½ years.

After living in three different states, we made our way back to our hometown area of Visalia, California.  We decided to reside in Tulare, California and be closer to friends and family.


I started doing photography because I fell in love with my own birth photos.  I wanted to be able to offer professional photos of those precious first moments that get lost in the excitement of having a new baby.  In having my own birth photographed, I felt that it allowed my husband to be by my side for my entire labor, unlike our previous deliveries where he had to play the role of photographer and support system.  Where I live, these services aren't available, and I wanted to be the one to bring these services to this area.

Birth Services

After the birth of my last child, I had this fire that sparked inside me.  I felt called to helping mothers have an empowering birth and amazing postpartum experience.  I started my certification process to become a doula in August 2011.  I've continued following my passion in educating and empowering women to have a voice in their own maternity care.

Since becoming a doula and moving back to Tulare County, I have become the Vice-Chair of the local Visalia Birth Network.  It is my drive and passion to bring awareness and education to an area that is very much lacking in resources.


Placenta Encapsulation

My favorite thing about my business is placenta encapsulation!  I’m always so intrigued at the tree of life that nourished our children in the womb.  I love being able to give this sacred gift to local moms so that they can have the best chance at a great postpartum experience.  I also enjoy being around babies and expectant mothers.